Monday, March 23, 2015

Let me begin again

So it's been a life time since I attended to my blog world. Let me begin again. Life has always been good. I have many weaknesses that sometimes make my life harder than it needs to be and makes me a less pleasant and happy person. To be honest I feel down right angry and I can't explain why. I have set goals that will help my body and spirit become stronger. Over the last year I have begun reading the scriptures daily and I have felt less weight to the burdens I put on myself. Over the last weeks I have begun exercising again, after having my baby, and I am happier with that sense of accomplishment. Life is very good when I make good choices. That is what I am always telling my kids.

My baby girl, Chloie, is turning 7 in 2 weeks and she is amazing. I feel sometimes like I have yelled at her every day since she was 2 but that is not true. She is my biggest helper and she is such a good learner and lovely little girl. I miss her quite often when she is away all day at school and I love hugging her when she gets home from 1st grade and talking about her day. I actually love doing homework with her. She has friends here in the new neighborhood where we live in West Jordan and friends from our old neighborhood in Layton and Rock cousins and Malone cousins to love and play with. (This is Chloie and her friend dressed up to go to their first ballet)

Chloie loves her baby brother

Dillon, my little handsome man, is turning 5 in 2 weeks and I can't believe it. He is my cute little guy and until recently he always treated everyone kindly and always gave of himself. When he turned about 4 1/2 he started "fighting back" you could say. If his sister wanted to play outside Dillon would always be so happy just to do something with his sister or just do it to make her happy, but now there is a lot of spiteful rejection going on in this house. It is not very fun and I don't know how to deal with that kind of fighting. "Mom, Dillon doesn't want to play outside with me!" How do I handle that kind of argument? Recently I have become comfortable enough with Dillon crossing the street to play at his friends house and so I think they are both happier being able to play with other kids more often. Dillon really is my little sweety most of the time. I just love that boy like crazy.
My baby boy, Keenan, is 8 1/2 months and although he is screaming at me right now because he has climbed up to the couch to play with my computer and I will not let him, he is the most adorable baby ever. He has 2 bottom teeth, he is crawling (so cute) and eating lots of baby food. He is not a very good sleeping baby but there are good nights and ok nights so I can't complain that they are all horrible nights. Mostly he wakes up 2-3 times a night and I don't get a full night of uninterrupted sleep. He is so worth it though. He is the mostly smiley and happy baby ever.

Brandon is doing good. He has worked for this company in South Jordan for 3 years now and he has decided he finally likes this work better than the work he used to do. He has solved his digestive issues and now is able to sleep pretty well. He doesn't do much more than work but when we have a vacation we do get out and do fun things. He plays with baby Keenan and teases and jokes with Chloie and Dillon. We have fun playing electronic games (xbox, wii, pc, and apps) together and listening to the kids creative stories or games. I guess life couldn't really fit anymore amazing things in it at this time in our lives. We have amazement happening everyday.

More pictures of the much time I have missed posting.
Dillon graduating from 3 yr old preschool
My fabulous kids 

 Halloween is always fun!!!    Preschool kids and friend from Layton

I long for my Malone family in Texas and California and Colorado. We are getting together in just a few short months for a whole week in Southern Utah for our family reunion. At times I feel life has dealt a heavy blow in having my family live so far away. I have missed growing up with my siblings, my nieces and nephews and now my great nieces and nephews. I have missed learning and growing with the wonderful Yucaipa family that I love so much. Change is so cruel because, memories can never be the life you live now, but in the same sentence change brings so much wonder and beauty that makes the life I live now, spectacular. Maybe one day my past and my present will become one terrific eternity. I think I'm just worried that because it has been so long since I've hung out with my family that maybe I won't have anything in common to talk about. It does scare me that I won't have much to say to my family when we see each other. It's been too too too long.


good+growing said...

Oh, Sarah! So much to say. First, I am so glad you are getting into a routine that makes you feel good. I love what you said about telling your kids that we feel good when we make good choices - you are setting such a good example for them! And oh my gosh, please know that we miss you so, so much. I wish all the time that California, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, and Texas were closer! Sometimes I wish we were all just still in Yucaipa! But that is not what was in store for us. I know for us, our kids were here. We had to come find them, we just didn't know it yet. ;) But reuniting will be AMAZING and there is just no way at all that we won't have things to talk about, that's impossible! If it start slow by some chance we'll play a quick game of NERT and be back to normal in a moment. :D I love you tons and miss you and can't wait to catch up and watch our kids play together. It's going to be a week worth waiting for!

Sarah Rock said...

You are so special. You have a great knack for opening people's spirits and making them cry. Sometimes I have such a big hole in my soul because you are too far away. But then I think of all the awkward conversations and silence that generally happens when you are with people you haven't seen for so long and don't have many inside jokes or moments to talk about anymore. It hurts to know that their aren't any recent moments or inside jokes that we can laugh and talk about. I don't know what your life has been like for years and years and both of our lives have changed so much since mission, school, marriage and motherhood. We have a lot to talk about sister. Can't wait to make some great memories. Love you

good+growing said...

:') Love you too Sarah!